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Patient Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last Updated: 25/03/2020

Given the unprecedented situation in the UK regarding the COVID-19 virus, we feel it is important to reassure you that we are continuing to keep our practice clean and safe for both you and our team. We will continue to serve our community as best as we can and are implementing an emergency only service at this point in time.

You will appreciate that as a dental practice we work in an environment where the prevention of the spread of a whole range of infectious diseases is embedded into everything that we do.

The practice is paying particular attention to the latest government guidance on the transmission of Coronavirus. With this in mind, we have instituted the following measures:

  • All staff are adhering to government guidance and will not be coming to work should they have a fever or cough
  • We request that any patient who has a cough or fever or has been in close contact with anyone who has a cough or fever, has been tested for Covid -19 or self/household isolating to call 111 if you require any urgent dental assistance
  • We will be treating emergency and urgent care patients on an appointment only basis which will be triaged by our practice manager and dentist.
  • The practice will be open 9am to 12pm. After this please do leave a voicemail or email the reception desk if you have an emergency or require urgent care

How you can help

  • Please use the hand sanitiser in the reception area as you enter
  • Please attend on your own if possible, if not then a maximum of one other person is allowed to enter the practice to minimise risk to staff and future patients
  • Please forgive us if we don’t shake hands – but we are however happy to do the elbow bump – just ask!

Please review the guidance

Before attending the practice for your emergency appointment we would be grateful if you would review the most up to date government guidance and refrain from attending if you have a fever or new continuous cough. Further details on guidance can be found below:

Keep us in the loop

Please remember to call us or email us to let us know if you wish to have any advice due to an emergency. We will do the best we can to answer all questions and queries.

The Future

We hope to be back to business as usual and treating all our valued patients as soon as possible. We thank you all for trusting us with your care and we hope to continue this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe.

Yours sincerely,

Quality Dental Team

Previous Information: Advice that is no longer in force

What our practices are doing:

With COVID-19 developing in so many countries around the world, our commitment is to adhere to the strictest of W.H.O advice, and the protocols advised by local (NHS England, CQC and HM Gov) and international authorities such as the W.H.O.

The well-being of our patients, staff and associates is our absolute priority, and you can be assured that the health and safety has our complete attention.

All our team are fully aware of the correct procedures and protocols to undertake and we will be following developments on a daily basis with the utmost scrutiny.

Advice for Patients, and what patients can do to help us:

Is is extremely important that all patients follow the guidance in place shown below.

If you are unsure if you should attend an appointment, please call our reception team who will provide the best solution. This may result in delaying appointments or treatment for a short period inline with the advised isolation period.

Please Read Carefully:
The UK is now in delay phase with efforts to try and slow down the upslide of the coronavirus spreading.
All our practices will be operating under strict protocols during this time and our reception team will ask all patients at the time of booking and on arrival.

Patients will be asked if they are Experiencing a high temperature or a new and continuous cough – even if it’s mild.
If Yes, patients will not be offered an appointment OR will be immediately told to return home and to Self-Isolate.

If the above is NO, you will also be asked if anyone in your household has a high temperature or a new and continuous cough / currently in self isolation.
If Yes, patients will not be offered an appointment OR will be immediately told to return home and to Selt-Isolate.

Stay at Home Guidance Issued by the Government can be found here

Patients who are unsure and wish to check with our reception team should call us and discuss their circumstances prior to arriving for an appointment.

Please find below additional guidance.

Click Here for PDF Version of this advice sheet

If any of the above apply, you should see further advice from the NHS website, please click the link below:

If you are showing symptoms and full within the criteria of the NHS advice, you should contact the NHS 111  service. They also now have a new online service, which can be accessed via the link below.



Previous Information: Advice that is no longer in force

Click Here for PDF Version of this advice sheet