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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around the world. As the name suggests, professional teeth whitening treatment can improve the appearance of discoloured teeth by brightening and whitening them, without removing or damaging their protective enamel coating.

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What is the difference between in-practice whitening and at-home whitening?

In-practice whitening

  • The whitening gel is activated using a special blue light.
  • An in-practice whitening session will form part of the treatment process.
  • Uses custom-made trays.
  • You will be given top-up trays and gel to maintain your newly white smile from home.
  • Instantly noticeable results.

At-home whitening

  • You will be given take-home whitening gel.
  • No in-practice whitening session involved.
  • Uses custom-made whitening trays.
  • Results can take several days to a few weeks to manifest.
  • Top up trays can be used to maintain the results.
  • You will wear your trays ideally all night or for two hours during the day.
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What options are there to whiten my teeth?

Here at Quality Dental, we carry out all forms of teeth whitening including Phillips Zoom! in-surgery whitening, Boutique whitening Day, Night, Combined and Diamond Black ( guaranteed shade B1 ) take-home whitening. Our most popular whitening treatment is Boutique, which has a reputation for being one of the premium whitening brands on the market which also gives guaranteed results.

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Does teeth whitening hurt?

Professional teeth whitening should not cause you any pain, though some patients do experience some temporary sensitivity. You should let us know if you have struggled with tooth sensitivity, particularly when using whitening products in the past.

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What is BioMin, what are its benefits and how do I use it?

The BioMin toothpaste from Boutique is a revolutionary concept. It contains a bio-engineered glass matrix filled with mineral ions – Bioglass! Bioglass releases calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions as it dissolve, to strengthen the enamel layer of the teeth.

When you brush with BioMin, the bioglass bonds to your teeth and releases minerals over the following 12 hours. This process remineralises and protects the teeth, making them ten time more resistant to acid attack, and reduces sensitivity.

The benefits of BioMin Toothpaste

  • Halt the effects of early tooth decay.
  • Decrease Sensitivity.
  • Prolong the effects of tooth whitening.

How to use BioMin

  • Use morning and night for 2 weeks, prior to, and throughout, the teeth whitening process.
  • BioMin can be used in place of your normal toothpaste going forward.
  • You can buy Boutique BioMin Toothpaste from your dental practice.
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What is internal tooth whitening?

Internal Tooth Whitening or Internal bleaching is a whitening procedure commonly performed on dark teeth that have lost their vitality through Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment).

One very dark tooth can also be a sign of extensive decay and damage to the inner structures of the tooth such as an infected or dead tooth pulp. This can make a tooth appear much darker than the surrounding, healthy teeth.

If you are experiencing a severely damaged tooth that is detracting the quality of your smile, Root canal treatment can be carried out to save your tooth and Internal bleaching may be needed in the future to restore its natural white appearance.

We can use the Boutique whitening system to whiten non-vital root canal treated teeth.

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Can I get teeth whitening on the NHS?

As teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment, it is not available on the NHS.

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What type of whitening is most popular and effective?

The Boutique B1 Black Diamond 16% carbamide peroxide is considered to be the most popular and effective teeth whitening system. It is an award winning system, which uses 16% carbamide peroxide gel, for up to 6 weeks, and guarantees that teeth will get to VITA shade B1 ( the whitest natural shade ).

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Why is Boutique considered to be one of the top whitening systems on the market?

Boutique is considered one of the top whitening systems for the following reasons:

  • It whitens teeth up to 16 shades – this is the maximum result that can be achieved from a whitening treatment.
  • It’s longer lasting than other whitening treatments – the results can last for up to 4-5 years with continued use of your whitening trays and gel. These will need to be purchased every 3-6 months. You should also adhere to a good at-home oral care routine, and eat a sensible diet.
  • Excellent fit – the bespoke whitening trays are close fitting, making them comfortable and guaranteed to give a beautifully uniform result.
  • Produces fast results – you will notice your teeth begin to whiten in a matter of days.
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Why choose Quality Dental for teeth whitening?

Here at Quality Dental we offer several whitening treatments, so you can choose which one suits your lifestyle.

Our professional team have ample experience in carrying out teeth whitening treatment, and will always endeavor to meet your exact needs and expectations, by asking you the right questions from the start.

Quality Dental are proud to be partners and brand ambassadors with Boutique whitening, who provides the most effective and comfortable, professional teeth whitening experience available.

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How long does teeth whitening take?

This will depend on the whitening system you choose. In the case of Boutique, you will wear your bespoke trays for 2 to 3 weeks. After this, you can enjoy your beautifully white and renewed smile.

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Will my teeth become sensitive?

We will ask you if you have ever experienced tooth sensitivity in general or after using whitening products in the past, as this may dictate the method of whitening we recommend.

Thanks to the anti-sensitivity BioMin toothpaste which can be used as a part of the whitening process, you can be sure you won’t experience any uncomfortable tooth sensitivity.

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How much whiter will my teeth look?

This will depend on how many shades whiter you wish your teeth to be, and which whitening treatment you opt for. Whilst the Boutique whitening system can whiten your teeth to a guaranteed B1 shade, Zoom! and take-home whitening treatments vary between 2-8 shades lighter.

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Why do my teeth discolour?

As we age, it’s normal to sustain some degree of tooth discolouration.

However, there are habits that can cause and worsen discolouration:

  • Excess sugar consumption.
  • Using tobacco products.
  • Regularly drinking red wine.
  • Regularly drinking tea and coffee.
  • Failing to brush regularly and use dental floss.
  • Failing to attend professional hygienist cleanings.
  • Failing to drink enough water.
  • Chronic dry mouth (xerostomia).
  • Medical treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Genetics – thicker and whiter enamel runs in some families.
  • Environment – high fluoride levels in the drinking water across some parts of the world can cause white spots on teeth.
  • Dental trauma can discolour teeth due to lack of blood flow, causing the nerve to die and appear grey.
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What is the difference between stain removal and teeth whitening?

The primary aim of stain removal is to clean teeth, with a view to removing stubborn plaque and tartar staining from their surfaces. This prevents and reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, but will not result in changes to your tooth shade.

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How does whitening work?

Teeth whitening can alter the shade of your teeth. by triggering a chemical reaction that breaks down the carbon bonds that produce yellow stains. Once broken, the bonds cease to reflect a yellow shade and your teeth look whiter and brighter.

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Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening treatment is only ever safe when carried out and overseen by a registered and trained dental professional. This is because the whitening trays are made uniquely for your teeth, so there is no risk of the whitening agent making contact with your gums.

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What is the difference between online bought whitening kits and professional teeth whitening performed by a dental professional?

Professional teeth whitening treatment carried out by a dentist is the only guaranteed, safe way of whitening your teeth, and achieves significantly top results than online kits. Many online whitening kits are ineffective as their chemistry is very week and cannot whiten your teeth for the adequate amount of time needed to produce noticeable results.

Whitening kits purchased online can also contain harmful levels of hydrogen peroxide, and should this come into contact with your gums, you risk causing irrevocable damage.

As professional teeth whitening involves having custom fitting whitening trays created, the hydrogen peroxide will not come into contact with your gums. Online bought whitening kits use one-size-fits-all ill-fitting whitening trays which not only produce an uneven result and cause damage to your gums, but put you at risk of being in severe pain.

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How long does teeth whitening last?

The effects of teeth whitening are not permanent and can last from between a few months, up to 4/5 years, as long as the whitening trays remain a great fit for your teeth and the shade is maintained by using the whitening gels. The duration of the effects depends on the care you afford your teeth after treatment, how regularly you consume teeth staining food and drink and attend the hygienist, and how often you engage in habits such as smoking. Regular teeth whitening treatment ensures your teeth remain bright, white and beautiful.

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