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Tooth Stain Removal in Brighton, Fulham, Ruislip

Airflow tooth polishing removes stains from your teeth without harming the enamel. A strategic combination of water, air, and sodium bicarbonate deliver a comfortable yet highly effective cleaning treatment. Your smile will be brighter and healthier after a single visit.

Airflow tooth polishing removes the deepest stains caused by smoking, coffee consumption, and the use of certain medications. It also reaches into periodontal pockets to eliminate bacteria that can cause significant dental problems later.


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This polishing treatment is popular because it does not cause discomfort, has no unpleasant taste or gritty texture and uses no chemicals. Additional benefits include:

  • Stains are removed three times faster than with other hygiene treatments
  • Making whitening treatments more effective by removing buildup that could hinder bleaching
  • No vibrating instruments or heat are used, so patients with sensitive teeth remain comfortable
  • Helps prevent dental disease by preventing periodontitis, removing plaque, and keeping your gums in a healthy state
  • Orthodontic patients receive such a gentle but thorough cleaning that their teeth can support future bonds and sealants

Prior to your airflow tooth polishing appointment, your dentist will arrange to remove tartar deposits to ensure the best and most attractive results. Call your local Quality Dental Group practice today and get ready to receive a brighter, smoother smile.