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Please find below our private fee guide for Albion Dental Brighton.
Please note that all prices are stated as ‘from’ prices and are subject to change.

Note the beneath prices are not for NHS. Patients can be seen on the NHS depending on eligibility.

Fee per item
Dental Assessment
Intra-Oral X-Ray
OPG (Full Mouth X-Ray) - Referral
Hygiene & Periodontal Treatment
Scale and Polish with Dentist
Hygiene Phase Therapy (with Hygienist)
Deep Periodontal Treatment “RSD”
Per Quadrant £125.00
Amalgam Filling
White Filling (Composite)
Root Canal Treatment (Root Filings)
Single Root (Front Teeth)
Two Roots (Pre Molar)
Three Roots (Molar)
Re-Root Treatment
+ £100.00
Please see Supplementary Price List for Advanced Endodontic Treatments
Crowns, Veneers & Bridges
Metal Crown (Back Teeth)
Cerec Same Day Crown
Porcelain Crown with Metal Core
All Ceramic Crown
Gold (60%+) Crown
Inlays and Veneers
Bridge (Porcelain Bonded, Per Unit)
Bridge (Other)
Post or Core
Full Upper or Lower (Acrylic)
Partial Upper or Lower (Acrylic)
Flexible Denture
Cobalt Chrome Denture
Denture Additions (Per Addition)
Assessment and Advice
Re-cement Crown or Bridge
Temporary Filling
Routine Extraction (Per Tooth)
Surgical Extraction
Other Treatments
Sports Guard
Grinding Guard

Supplementary Price List for Albion Dental: Brighton

Orthodontics – Referral to Shoreham with our Orthodontic Specialist
Orthodontic Consultation with Specialist
Orthodontic Wax Setup
Clear Bracket Braces
Stainless Steel Braces
Sectional Clear Bracket Braces
£1200.00 Per Arch
Sectional Stainless Steel Braces
£1000.00 Per Arch
Inman Aligner
Fast Braces
Six Months Smile
Invisalign i7
£3750.00 Per Arch
Fixed Orthodontic Retainer (Per Arch)
Clear Essix Orthodontic Retainer (Per Arch)
Viera Orthodontic Retainers
£495.00 Set of Three
Dental Implants
Implant Consultation (Dentist with Special Interest)
Dental Implants
Bone graft
CBCT scan
Advanced Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Treatment) – Referral to Shoreham
Endodontic Consultation (Dentist with Special Interest)
Single Root (Front Teeth)
Two Roots (Pre Molar)
Three Roots (Molar)
Re-Root Treatment
+ £100.00
Teeth Whitening
Zoom Home Whitening
Zoom In Surgery Whitening
Evo3 Enlighten Whitening
Facial Aesthetics & Botox®
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
1 Area £ 180
2 Areas £ 250
3 Areas £ 300
Dermal Fillers
Per Syringe £190
Quality Dental - Plans
QD Plan Extra
Coming Soon
QD Hygiene Only
Coming Soon