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Endodontic Treatment

Commonly known as root canal therapy, endodontic treatment cleans the pulp of an infected tooth and takes steps to ensure that infection does not set in again.

Common causes of pulp inflammation include:

  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Improperly placed crowns
  • Injury to the mouth

Without treatment, the condition can create painful and debilitating abscesses. Endodontic therapy tackles the infection and restores you to a pain-free state of oral health.

Every root canal procedure performed at a Quality Dental Care practice is directed by modern dental technologies, such as surgical microscopes, digital X-rays, and 3D imaging tools. Other endodontic therapies include:

Endodontic surgery

Surgical intervention is occasionally necessary to treat conditions like the following:

  • Damaged roots
  • Deterioration of the bone surrounding the tooth
  • Calcium buildup in root canals
  • Tiny fractures and hidden canals not detected by earlier X-rays

Endodontic retreatment

Occasionally complications arise after a root canal. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Saliva contaminating the tooth interior
  • A complicated root canal anatomy
  • Re-infection due to a broken tooth or loose crown or filling

During retreatment, your endodontist will clear away any infection and seal the affected tooth with a temporary filling until it has healed enough to support a more permanent restoration.

At Quality Dental Care we are committed to making every aspect of your endodontic treatment comfortable. From the moment you contact your closest practice, our staff will be compassionate, professional and eager to accommodate you.