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Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth is always a traumatic experience. You’re likely in physical pain, and the resulting gap will leave you distressed and anxious. A damaged and unattractive smile can have a negative impact on how other people perceive you, which adds to the stress.

Quality Dental Care has a wide range of comfortable and affordable solutions for restoring missing teeth. They include:

  • Dentures: Natural in appearance and comfortable to wear, dentures can replace one or several missing teeth
  • Bridges: Dental bridges close the gaps created by tooth loss and will be recommended if the teeth surrounding the gap also need crowns.
  • Implants: Our dental implants have the appearance and function of the teeth you lost. Titanium roots anchor each implant firmly in place, allowing you to eat and smile normally once again.

If you have lost any of your natural teeth and would like to discuss restoration options, call your nearest Quality Dental Practice Today. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will schedule a consultation, recommend a solution that meets your needs and budget, and rejuvenate your smile comfortably and completely.